Midweek Music: Mindless Pop Music Edition

By Gretchen Kast

Welp, I think its about time I let you all in on one of my more shameful secrets. While I like to think that I listen to pretty good music most of the time, I must admit that I also really love me some bad pop music. Now I know music tastes are subjective and the difference between “good” and “bad” is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s just say, I listen to a lot of music that is predominantly marketed towards 14-year-old girls. And I’m ok with that.

Because, frankly, I think any music snob out there who claims to hate everything on the radio is lying. Because this kind of music is made to be liked. It’s produced to be hyper palatable. And while I can understand not fully appreciating it for its worth, I don’t think anyone can stop themselves from tapping their foot along to the beat. So, naysayers, if you’re harboring some unbridled hate towards top 40 radio, then I think you’re probably taking it too seriously. Pop music is at its best when you get to just sit back and enjoy it. Stop thinking. Just listen.

Because sometimes the world around you unexpectedly spirals. Sometimes you look up one afternoon and are suddenly faced with a wealth of unforeseen dangers and unanswerable questions. Sometimes this is too much to handle. Sometimes you just need to turn your brain off, if only for 3 minutes of mindless, upbeat music.

So today,  I present to you a collection of some choice pop music gems. Turn off your whirring mind, plug in your headphones, minimize the window, and revel in the guilty pleasure:

Taylor Swift // 22 

Little Mix featuring Missy Elliott // How Ya Doin’

Selena Gomez // Come & Get It

Demi Lovato // Heart Attack

Ariana Grande featuring Mac Miller // The Way

Girls Aloud // Something New

One Direction // Rock You

Icona Pop // I Love It

The Wanted // Glad You Came

Ke$ha // Thinking of You

Justin Bieber featuring Nicki Minaj // Beauty and a Beat

Aly and AJ // Potential Break Up Song

Backstreet Boys // We’ve Got it Goin’ On

(Ok, wait. I had forgotten how hilarious this music video us!)

JoJo// Too Little Too Late

Cody Simpson // Wish U Were Here

Jonas Brothers // SOS

5 Seconds of Summer // Heartbreak Girl

Miranda Cosgrove // About You Now

Will.I.Am featuring Britney Spears// Scream & Shout

Olly Murs // Heart Skips a Beat

Atomic Kitten // Whole Again

S Club 7 // Bring It All Back