News You Should Know: September 24, 2013

Mideast Egypt

Egypt Bans Muslim Brotherhood
The crisis in Egypt continues to become more unstable with the banning
of the Muslim Brotherhood, the party of ousted President Mohammad
Morsi.  (Huffington Post)
Rebels View Coalition Leadership Outside Syria as Detached From the Suffering
In Syria, when the lines are not clear even from the inside, how can
outside groups advocate for those in the middle of the fighting? (New York Times)
Small Syrian Border Town Magnifies Rift Between Rebel Groups
Also, to better understand some of the complexities of the conflict in
Syria, take a listen. (NPR)
As World Leaders Speak at United Nations, Iran Sends More Friendly Signals
Pay attention to the UN Summit.  You will be amazed at what a simple
handshake between two leaders of countries who have long been enemies
may do to the course of international relations. (New York Times)