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One morning, senior year of college, Kaitie walked through the front door at 6am after yet another all-nighter to find Gretchen sitting at the kitchen table, up early to edit her thesis for the millionth time.

“I don’t even know how I’m functioning right now,” Kaitie announced. ” I haven’t been to bed yet. I don’t think I even exist anymore, I’m just coffee and stink.”

Some days, we’re the coffee: scribbling poetry on the backs of a napkin, spending hours loitering at coffee shops around the district. Other days, we’re the stink: looking up from our books on the metro and realizing we’re the only ones with dirty hair on a rush-hour train full of semi-important suits. Most days, though–after working 40 hours a week for the man, and using the scarce time in between to get our fixings of art, writing, culture, and fun–we’re definitely both.

We collect and gather, hoarding the tidbits of cool that DC hides beneath layers of political jargon and patriotic ties, that Williamsburg obscures under the guise of everything unnecessarily artisanal. We’re observers of the everyday oddities—and more often the participants.

In summary, Coffee + Stink means: ragamuffin musings and unbrushed hair, choosing fun or art or excitement over sleep, navel-gazing, ideas in CAPITAL LETTERS, exploring and wandering, artsy prof pics and generally thinking too much.

Kaitie + Gretchen

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