Your Saturday at “An Autumn Spectacular!”

By Gretchen Kast Looking for something to do this weekend? Interested in checking out some of the best DC bands? Or supporting a cool local charity? You’re in luck then, because D.C. Music Download is… Continue reading

2014: The Year of the Girl Band Revival

By Gretchen Kast Sitting in my apartment this past New Year’s, I tried to think about what sort of exciting things 2014 would bring about. Growth? Maturity? Important milestones? I’ve never been good with declarative personal… Continue reading

Why I Love Shakespeare: A Response

By Francesca Morizio Just to preface: I think it’s important to make a distinction between not liking a work of literature, not understanding a work of literature and becoming frustrated with it, and… Continue reading

One Trick Towns

By Francesca Morizio Trick*, n.: ·         A crafty or fraudulent device of a mean or base kind; an artifice to deceive or cheat; a stratagem, ruse, wile; esp. in phrase to play (show) one a trick, to… Continue reading

New Music for 2014: Sylvan Esso and Holychild

By Gretchen Kast With every new year, it seems that the music world churns out “bands you should be listening to” lists by the thousands. And while the sense of January’s shiny newness… Continue reading

You Don’t Understand, You Don’t Understand

By Gretchen Kast Guitar strings twang simple chords, repeated once, twice, maybe a third? It’s a familiar tune, really–pleasant and a bit folky. This is music made for teenage wooing, like the Oasis… Continue reading

Friday Tunes: New Millennium Girl Power

By Gretchen Kast While I was home for the holidays, I spent a few days cleaning through my childhood bedroom. It was interesting, sifting through old books and journals and clothes, remembering exactly… Continue reading

Driven By Desire: Part Thirteen

By Emily Gardner “Antonio. Antonio! We have to leave.” Sienna called to her cousin. They had been adjusting their outerwear when the Italian’s face lit up and he suddenly dashed from the foyer and… Continue reading

Driven By Desire: Part Twelve

By Emily Gardner Sienna returned home and went straight to her chambers. Antonio, she presumed he was still out working on unlocking the case and she needed some time alone, to think. She… Continue reading

The Nondefinitive Music List of 2013

By Will Beaud The only thing worst than “best of” music lists are think-pieces about how awful said lists are. Radical Proposition: perhaps we should just have a little fun and embrace nonjudgmental… Continue reading